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I have two dogs that are completely different and needed to each work on their own problem areas. Shannon was able to create two completely different plans for their training on the spot as well as areas for me to work on at home. We've only done one group training class so far, in addition to the private trainings, but that was a great benefit for one of the dogs to work on his manners and interacting with other dogs. Highly recommend Shannon!

Alissa Connell

I had found Best Paw Forward on Instagram and knew by their videos they would be a great fit but once we met with both Shannon and Haley it all clicked. They were able to help us get control of our overreactive 4 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I think one of the best parts of their method is that they really encourage you to be the trainer so that when they are not around you have the tools to know how to work with your dog. We are incredibly happy with our dogs behavior thanks to their coaching. Our neighbors have even all commented on his demeanor!! I will definitely recommend Best Paw Forward to all my fur friends in the future.

Kendall Corroon

I cannot say enough great things about Shannon and her program! My mini Goldendoodle puppy, Lincoln, did a 2 week board and train and it was such a game changer. Before the program, while he knew basic commands, he was a selective listener with no call back and was so terrible on a leash. I literally dreaded walking him some days, but also dreaded any moment he may slip away because while he knew his name, he would never recall. He was a good boy, very distracted, but good, who needed some real structure and proper training. Even after the first 7 days he was a completely different dog. I was amazed at his progress at my mid-session. Fast forward to today - what a change. Outside of just being generally less distracted and way more obedient, he is now primarily an off leash walker which is amazing. I never worry about him running off as he stays right with me. He's calmer when confronting other dogs/people and is so patient at meal times. While he still experiences "puppy brain" at times, he knows how to calm himself down and remember what he's supposed to be doing. I recommend Shannon literally to everyone who asks about Lincolns training (and even those who don't!).

Ana Wood

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