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Want off leash reliability?


An E-collar is an Electronic Collar.  It is commonly mis-represented and called a "shock" collar.  However, the model and brand we use, does not deliver a delivers STIM.  Stim is a tingling sensation that is given off from a TENS unit, which is commonly used by physical therapists, doctors, and chiropractors to treat pain in humans. 

The e-collar progam is to teach YOU the owner how to properly, humanely, and effectively use the ecollar on your dog. We DO NOT slap an e-collar on a dog, and hit buttons at a high level to illicit a response. That is not humane or effective e-collar training. If you are going to use an e-collar on your dog, you need to do it right.

Our program is broken down into 4 hour long, private 1:1 sessions. The owners is given specific homework and drills to practice in between sessions. 

The point of e-collar training is to have a rock solid reliable recall and, thus creating a completely off leash dog that is obedient.

When used correctly, E-collars help bring clear communication to your dog. 

The dog will learn how to do all commands on and off leash







The E-collar is a wonderful tool for nervous dogs, shy dogs, happy lucky dogs, and reactive or aggressive dogs. When introduced and used correctly an Ecollar is an AMAZING TOOL. 

What comes with the program? 

3 Private 1:1 sessions at our facility

1 session out in public

A mini educator ecollar ($200 value)

A slip leash

A 15 foot long line​


  • Dog must know some basic commands like sit, down and stay.

  • Must be 6 months of age or older

Ecollar Program: Service
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