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Ready. Set. Train.

Accommodating Your Lifestyle

This is where the training starts...with an emphasis on training the OWNER

These lessons cover WHATEVER you want to!

Sessions are catered to you and your needs. With that said, sometimes you have to walk before you run. If your dog doesn't have a basic knowledge of commands, we may have to start small in order to go over harder concepts. We also cover the PROPER placement and use of Slip leashes, Herm Sprenger prong collars.E-Collars are taught in our E-collar program. Topics we typically cover are, basic obedience, advanced obedience, listening around distractions, separation anxiety, jumping, dog aggression, human aggression, counter surfing, proper leash walking, impulse control.... etc etc etc

Sessions are very hands on an interactive. Our goal is to teach you as much as I can, so you can turn around and train your dog yourself. There is a heavy requirement of doing daily homework and being accountable.

60 min sessions = $110.00

Sessions take place at our facility. 

380 New London Turnpike

Salem CT (Burnetts Gardens). If you need sessions to take place at your home $50.00 travel fee will be added.


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You will receive a confirmation email where you can then SCHEDULE your first session!

Private 1:1 Training: Services


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Single Private Session

You don't have to pay in advance for your session but it's here if you want to! Please also complete a Registration Form at the bottom of this page!


3 Private Sessions

Save $10.00 When you purchase three sessions at a time. Please also complete a registration form at the bottom of this page!

Private 1:1 Training: Price List
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