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A better-behaved dog, starts with a knowledgeable owner. This is where all the training starts...with an emphasis on training the OWNER.

On average, most dogs need at least three to four sessions to help resolve most behavioral issues. Use the link at the bottom of the page to receive a discount.

These lessons can cover how to stop unwanted behaviors such as


Pulling on the leash

Crate Training/Potty Training

Separation Anxiety

Counter Surfing

All Resource Guarding behaviors (toy/food/handler/furniture)



Not listening around distractions

Sessions are catered to you and your needs. We can also cover how to create desirable behaviors, such as basic and advanced obedience commands, scent work, and tricks.

Sessions are very hands on an interactive! We also will work on how to cultivate a better relationship between you and your dog. Changing the dynamic between you two will ultimately produce a better-behaved pup!   Call to get started today!

50 min = $110.00 (tax not inc)

Sessions take place at our facility. We are located at 

380 New London Turnpike

Salem CT. 

Inside Burnetts Country Gardens. 

If you need sessions to take place at your home $50.00 travel fee will be added.


Complete a Registration Form below, and tell us all about your dog. You will receive a link to sign up for your first session.

Private Training: Services



Single Private Session

You don't have to pay in advance for your session but it's here if you want to!


3 Private Sessions

Save $10.00 When you purchase three sessions at a time.

Private Training: Price List
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