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Day training is currently under restructuring!!  Please check back for updates

No day training available mid April-May

Will resume June 3rd with a whole new lay out!

We keep the number of dogs in camp low, to make sure everyone is learning something.

Day Camp is all about neutrality around other dogs, staying calm and even keeled throughout the day, and working dogs as a group. This isn't like doggie daycare where your dog is learning to stay adrenalized all day. At our camp, your dog is learning to stay calm and controlled with 

Each day we’ll teach and practice

 - healthy socialization with our pack.

 - Group Pack Walks

 - walk well on a leash

 - healthy play 

- Confidence building exercises

- Treadmill walks

- mandatory crate time

- mandatory group place time

- Updates on IG/FB Stories!


7:00-9:00am Sign up ahead of time




  • If your dog is moderately reactive or aggressive there is more work to be done in private sessions before joining our day train camp

  • If your dog is human aggressive and will bite when being touched, your dog needs to be comfortable in a muzzle before coming to camp.

  • All dogs MUST BE CRATE TRAINED! They will be taking naps and breaks in the crates throughout their day. This is not the proper setting to be working on crate manners.  Crate Trained means, the dog is calm and quiet in the crate when you are home, when you are out of the house, and It sleeps in the crate at night. If your dog has not been using the crate regularly in the above situations, then it is not a candidate for the program.

  • All dogs must be up to date on their Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccines.

  • They must have a negative fecal test within the last year

  • Proof of vaccination are required, and copies must be given before dropping off.

Day Training: Service
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