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Dog Walker


180$/ 4 Classes in package

5 Dogs Maximum

Saturdays at 10:00

4 Classes to use when you want

This class is great for dogs who are very reactive/ aggressive towards other dogs. Reactivity is barking, lunging, growling at other dogs.

This class is for dogs that:

  • Bark and lunge at other dogs as they pass.  

  • Are reactive or "appear aggressive"

  • Can't focus on the handler in a normal obedience class.

  • Is dog friendly, but doesn't appear to be when restrained.

We will be focusing on:

  • Handlers leash handling skills

  • Loose leash walking

  • engagement (getting your dogs attention on you)

  • Teaching the dog how to relax in the presence of other dogs

The use of a harness is not allowed in the class. 

You don't need to have a private session before this class but I will always recommend it!

Pay once online for the classes and then sign up for each class thereafter. Hit the pay later option once you already paid!


Classes are held every Saturday at 11:10am - 12:00 pm

@ CK9 Facility/Burnetts Garden

20 dog maximum

You must have had at least one private session with Shannon or Haley before entering this class.

This is a great class for you if you need to challenge your dog's obedience and impulse control around other dogs and distractions!​

This class is for dogs that:

  •  Are quiet around other dogs. (not barking and lunging)

  • Who can engage with their handler

  • Who are ready for harder obedience challenges. 

  • This is an intermediate to advanced group class. 

  • If your dog has some basic obedience commands already, this is a great class to start to proof those commands!

Pay once online for the classes and then sign up for each class thereafter. Hit the pay later option once you already paid!

Dog Walker at the Park
Dogs on a Bench


What comes with the program? 

3 Private 1:1 sessions at our facility

1 session out in public

1 mini educator ecollar ($200 value)

A slip leash and 15 foot long line​

An E-collar is an Electronic Collar.  It is commonly mis-represented and called a "shock" collar.  However, the model and brand we use, does not deliver a delivers STIM.  Stim is a tingling sensation that is given off from a TENS unit, which is commonly used by physical therapists, doctors, and chiropractors to treat pain in humans. We teach YOU the owner how to properly, humanely, and effectively use the e-collar on your dog. 


  • Dog must know some basic commands like sit, down and stay.

  • Must be 6 months of age or older


4 Consecutive Classes 200$


4 CONSECUTIVE Classes for $200 

Saturdays at 9:00am

Must Have:

Rabies/Bordetella/Distemper series

7 months old or younger

Pay upfront before attending

We will cover the following:

  • How to teach your dog a new behavior

  • Confidence Building

  • Sit/Down/Stay/Come/Place/Heel

  • Marker Words

  • Hand Commands and Voice Commands

  • Crate Training

  • Creating a Potty Training schedule

  • What is STRUCTURE? How to implement STRUCTURE in your home

  • Poper Socialization

Dogs with Dog Walker
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