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14 Day Stay and Train


(ecollar and tax included in the price)

This program is an intensive Ecollar training program for those clients who want to work basic obedience both on & off leash. This program is geared for the owner who just wants us to start the training process and for the owner to finish it back at home!

The main focus will be on the dog's overall mindset.


Your dog will learn the following:

Walking nicely on leash/ HEEL (no more pulling, lunging or barking!)


Stay (around distractions)

Recall (“Come!” around distractions)
Place Command (Calm and Relax on command and not get up until told to do so)

Being polite at the front door

Being polite inside the car
Crate manners (no more whining and barking to get out)

We will be working on staying calm and neutral around normal life distractions.


This program is for dogs with no behavioral issues (i.e., human aggression, separation anxiety). These behavioral issues will require a consultation to make sure I am the right trainer for your dog!


At the end of the program, your dog will have a better understanding of your expectations and a solid foundation for you to build on for the rest of the dog's life. However, training the human is the other half of the equation when it comes to dog training. We want the dog to be able to perform for YOU! We don't care if the dog can perform for us. The Owner needs to be as invested as the dog, to get maximum results. If you are looking for a quick fix, we are not the right fit for you! Your dog will be changing while it's with us, which means we expect lifestyle changes for the human once back at home. We are here to not only train the dog, but to train you as well!

The Program Includes:

  • 1 - 60 minute mid session meet up while your dog is with us.

  • Daily updates and pictures of your dog via social media

  • Top of the line Mini Educator E-Collar by Ecollar Technologies ($200.00)

  • Herm Sprenger Prong Collar and slip leash (80$ value)

  • 66 page e-book to refer to during and after training

  • 1- 2 hour session on your final pick up

  • Lifetime Support and Communication



•All vaccinations are up to date and a copy of the records sent to me

• Negative fecal test (at least 3 months before program) 

• The dog must be sleeping in a crate at night (If it is not crate trained, it is required you start working on crating your dog at night at least three weeks before the program starts) If you have not put your dog in the crate in many months, I suggest you start doing so today!

• A completed Registration Form​

• 50% Non-refundable booking fee to secure your spot. This fee goes towards the cost of training. 


Top of the line remote E-Collar from Ecollar Technologies, Herm Sprenger Prong Collar, and tax are all included in the price. 

To get started, complete the Registration Form Below!​​​​

2 Weeks - Obedient Dog: Service
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