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Our aim is to support you in having a well-balanced, good natured pet that is calm at all times. Our programs are tailor-made with results that last.

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Coastal K9 Training and Behavior started out as Best Paw Forward Dog Training s in 2019 to offer the people and pets of Connecticut a permission-based training program, where its okay to say "Yes!" and "No" to your dog!  A well rounded balanced approach to communication and training.

We firmly believe that the owner-pet relationship should be encompass mutual understanding and respect not just of one another but also when it comes to boundaries, structure and rules.


We utilize a wide variety of tools to communicate with your dog such as slip leashes, prong collars, e-collars, and spatial pressure/body pressure. We also use treats, praise, play and affection! We make it clear that "yes" means yes and "no" means "no." 

This approach of training also allows us to work with all kinds of dogs whether, aggressive, fearful, reactive, timid, or even hyperactive.


We focus on achieving a calmer mindset with your dog through utilizing dog psychology and balanced dog training methodologies. We strive to change how your dog views its triggers.  We want them to have neutral associations therefore a calm and obedient dog.

YOU - the owner - are an integral part of this process. We want you to be invested in your dog's training, so that after training with us, you can be successful on your own!  

For us, training your dog is the easy part…the hard part is training YOU! 

You have to be willing to change your relationship with your dog, your routines and transform into a leader by providing clarity, direction and consistency. If you are committed...                 


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At Coastal K9, we strongly believe that it’s never too late to change our pet’s behavior. Please feel free to contact us.

380 New London Road
Salem CT 06420


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